One of the ASI Falcon fleet in operation

Pioneer grows Falcon fleet

ASI Marine, a pioneer in long tunnel excursions and international operator for inland marine work, is expanding its Saab Seaeye Falcon fleet. Renowned for being the first to ingeniously exploit the Falcon’s adaptive intelligent technology […]

Sabertooth’s manoeuvrability, stability and ability to work in tough and challenging environments makes it a vehicle capable of many different tasks

Modus adds another Saab Seaeye Sabertooth

Modus, specialist global provider of modular subsea vehicles and managed services for inspection, intervention, trenching, survey and construction support, is adding a second Saab Seaeye Sabertooth to its Hybrid Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (HAUV) fleet. The […]

The Saab Seaeye Falcon, nicknamed “Yelloweye” on board

Falcon helps endangered rockfish

Delicious to eat, the rockfish in Washington’s Puget Sound were being fished to levels that threatened extinction. Now scientists at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are undertaking an important conservation study into the […]

Cougar XT – powerful yet compact, it can handle a wide range of heavy tooling, sensors and an array of cameras, whilst remaining highly manoeuvrable

Cougar goes offshore Peru

Offshore operator, Naviera Tramarsa, has extended its underwater robotic vehicle fleet with a new Cougar XT from Saab Seaeye to enter operations in May 2019. The Cougar XT joins their Saab Seaeye Falcon, operated by […]

Cougar XT – Only 1.5 metres in length, yet it can handle more heavy tooling than any other system of its size

Østensjø Rederi chooses Cougar

Norway-based Østensjø Rederi has chosen a Saab Seaeye Cougar XT underwater robotic vehicle as a deployable resource aboard their multi-purpose support vessel Edda Fonn. The company is contracted to deliver the Edda Fonn to the New […]