Third delivery of platform jackets for Johan Sverdrup

Source: press release, 31 July 2018

The third of the three jackets Kvaerner has delivered for phase 1 of the Johan Sverdrup project (photo: Kvaerner)
The third of the three jackets Kvaerner has delivered for phase 1 of the Johan Sverdrup project (photo: Kvaerner)

Kvaerner has delivered yet another steel substructure for the largest industry project of our time – the Johan Sverdrup field. This is the third of the three jackets Kvaerner delivered for phase 1 of the project. All platform substructures are delivered at the appointed time. During the project, Kvaerner has improved the process for this kind of deliveries, thus new substructures can now be delivered at a cost even lower than in 2005.

Through the frame agreement entered into in 2014, and in international competition, Kvaerner was awarded the three largest and most complex substructures out of four for the first phase of the project. The first delivery was the riser platform jacket in the summer of 2017. This was the largest and most complex substructure delivered from Kvaerner so far, and the first visible installation on the new field centre. In March this year, Kvaerner delivered the drilling platform substructure, and the process platform jacket has now sailed from Verdal.

“This is an important day for us. Close to 4 years after signing a frame agreement for delivery of steel substructures for Equinor projects, the last jacket for the Johan Sverdrup field for the time being, is delivered. The three substructures are delivered in good cooperation with the customer and subcontractors at the agreed time and quality. The deliveries from Verdal make up around 90% of the total substructure weight in the first phase of the Johan Sverdrup field development. Including the piles, we are not far from having delivered 100,000 tonnes of steel from Kvaerner,” says EVP Structural Solutions, Sturla Magnus.

A letter of intent for the riser platform and drilling platform jackets was entered into 24 June 2014. The design work on the riser platform substructure started immediately. The final contract was signed 20 January 2015, when the Kvaerner business area for substructures through a 6-month pilot project confirmed the effect of cost reductions and improvement of competitiveness.

Kvaerner’s extensive operations within oil and gas developments include a leading position in the market for large steel substructures for the North Sea region. With its deliveries for Johan Sverdrup the company has delivered 45 steel jackets for oil and gas offshore platforms in addition to 50 steel substructures for offshore wind.