Noble Corporation chooses KONGSBERG solution to optimise drillship operations

Source: press release, 29 August 2018

Noble Corporation’s Noble Bob Douglas drillship (photo: Noble Corporation)
Noble Corporation’s Noble Bob Douglas drillship (photo: Noble Corporation)

Noble Corporation has contracted Kongsberg Maritime to deliver an advanced new real-time monitoring and advisory solution for the Noble Tom Madden drillship. The contract reflects a growing requirement for deep technology integration on drilling platforms and ships, where sharing vital data on board and ashore results in a state-of-the-art real-time monitoring and advisory solution that will provide significant benefits for operational safety while reducing non-productive time (NPT).

The Gusto P10000 design Noble Tom Madden deepwater drillship will join Noble Corporation’s Noble Bob Douglas, currently working offshore Guyana, which features the same software and hardware solution including KONGSBERG Riser Management System (RMS), KONGSBERG Information Management System (KIMS), K-Pos Dynamic Positioning (DP) and K-Chief Automation as well as subsea instrumentation.

With the latest software release (2.2), the KONGSBERG RMS provides extensive and highly accurate data such as real-time optimum position advice for different operational modes, flexjoint angles monitoring, tension monitoring with top tension, wellhead connector tension, flex joint tension, riser stroke/Tensioner stroke monitoring and Connector loads monitoring. The system includes an Alarm and Data logger, Riser Planning Tool with static riser calculations, a two-way interface to the K-Pos DP system and allows for high situation awareness in a 3D view.

Noble Tom Madden will benefit from the RMS’ Dynamic Watch Circles module, which, based on actual weather conditions, constantly predicts the available time for the operator to initiate an emergency disconnect in case of drift-off caused by a power blackout or worst single failure. The K-Pos DP system provides the RMS with the predicted drift off path at constant intervals – typically every two to four minutes. The Dynamic Watch circles are displayed together with the RMS Dynamic Operability Envelopes allowing the operator to position the vessel relative to the well in an optimum way, while maintaining required safety margins.

Additionally, as per the drillship Noble Bob Douglas, the RMS on Tom Madden will detect whether or not Vortex Induced Vibration will occur in case of high current events and if these events will jeopardise structural integrity of the riser or wellhead.

With highly accurate and real-time data from the RMS shared through KIMS, Kongsberg Maritime’s integrated approach provides real-time operational advice to different stakeholders and experts. While delivering immediate and tangible operational improvements for deep and shallow water harsh environments, the system supports drilling companies in maximising productivity and therefore profitability, as well as building a foundation for more remote, automated and safer operations. With this, more expertise can be moved ashore to reduce operational costs and streamline operations by sharing personnel across different vessels.

“Reducing non-productive time is critical in today’s recovering, but still challenging market,” said Stene Førsund, EVP Global Sales & Marketing, Kongsberg Maritime. “Noble Corporation recognises this and after experiencing the diverse operational benefits of our integrated monitoring and advisory solution on the Noble Bob Douglas drillship, they are keen to realise the same when Noble Tom Madden starts its duties offshore Guyana.”