ChartCo announces comprehensive new integrated platform

Source: press release, 4 September 2018

ChartCo OneOcean Platform
ChartCo OneOcean Platform (illustration: ChartCo)

ChartCo, global provider of digital navigation services and voyage compliance, has announced a completely new e-navigation and compliance platform. The launch provides an insight into the future direction of the company, following a period of high investment in product development.

ChartCo OneOcean is a unitary platform that will make life simpler for both mariners at sea and management teams ashore. It will play an important role in how shoreside operations and shipping fleets are managed, while also offering significant benefits to onboard crew.

OneOcean is set to become the ultimate platform for global compliance needs in navigation, environmental, safety, and regulations management, bringing together a comprehensive suite of products:

  • PassageManager – the newly updated e-navigation and compliance solution.
  • Regs4ships – to maintain compliance with flag state and international regulations.
  • FleetManager – unlocks real-time shore-side vessel tracking and management.
  • EnviroManager – to ensure environmental compliance.
  • Docmap – to meet safety and quality compliance obligations.

A notable feature within OneOcean is the incorporation of data from ChartCo’s environmental solution, EnviroManager, which helps crews comply with MARPOL, regional and national regulations. An integral function within OneOcean, EnviroManager helps crew effectively plan the handling of waste – minimising the risk of a faulty discharge with the associated fines and reputational damage – by clearly displaying baseline information for every nation.

Another powerful feature of OneOcean is its ability to integrate future applications and third-party products, both onboard and onshore, further unifying and simplifying fleet operations.

The OneOcean platform, in combination with the upgraded PassageManager navigational module, will offer mariners an even faster route to crucial navigation, environmental, regulatory, safety and quality compliance management, all with increased cyber resilience.