Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore launched to provide technical advisory, asset management and assurance services

Source: press release, 1 October 2018

Paul Shrieve, Vice President Offshore & Services at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore
Paul Shrieve, Vice President Offshore & Services at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore (photo: BV)

Bureau Veritas, a global provider of testing, inspection and certification services, has announced the launch of a newly branded and separate family of experts, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore (BV Solutions M&O).

Aimed at the marine and offshore markets, BV Solutions M&O brings together services and people from within Bureau Veritas to create a proactive and dedicated capability, offering value to clients through technical services and solutions.

Drawing on Bureau Veritas’s strong culture of service and quality, BV Solutions M&O is focused on four service lines:

  • Engineering & Risk Solutions
  • Asset Management Solutions
  • Regulatory Solutions
  • Assurance Solutions

Some examples of immediate market priorities to support the marine and offshore market include:

  • Hull optimisation services.
  • Delivery of IHM support and ship recycling services.
  • Deployment of Bureau Veritas’s innovative Veristar AIM 3D asset management software.

An important market for BV Solutions M&O will be hull optimisation, assisting shipowners, designers and shipyards in making the right choices based on hydrodynamic studies, energy modelling and utilisation of Bureau Veritas software and analysis.

Meeting the requirements of the EU’s Ship Recycling Regulation (SRR) is another key market to support. BV Solutions M&O will help owners in developing their ship recycling plans and support shipyards in achieving compliant recycler status. A global network of more than 100 qualified IHM experts, an unparalleled network of laboratories and cooperation with other lab facilities, as well as a Bureau Veritas digital reporting tool, sets BV Solutions M&O apart in its ability to deliver the expertise that the market needs.

And Veristar AIM 3D combines a digital twin of any marine or offshore assets with smart data for the design, development and implementation of the operational lifecycle. It reflects and predicts the condition of any asset or fleet to enable smarter decisions based on better visibility of asset condition and performance.

Paul Shrieve, Vice President Offshore and Services, says, “The establishment of BV Solutions M&O represents a major landmark in the 190-year history of Bureau Veritas because it allows us to introduce our experience in testing, inspection and certification to deliver client value at a much earlier stage in project life. Efficiencies identified early on in the lifecycle can generate significant savings later.”

“Our clients face increasing regulatory pressure and environmental obligations. They need to boost their performance and deal with complex risks. BV Solutions M&O adds another dimension: meaningful technical advisory, asset management, and assurance services that provide added value. In this way, we can work in partnership with our customers to help them navigate changing markets,” adds Shrieve.

Matthieu De Tugny, COO, Marine & Offshore at Bureau Veritas says that the establishment of BV Solutions M&O is responding to a demand from customers for services that go beyond pure compliance assessment to support performance.

He says, “Meeting tomorrow’s challenges means being forward-looking today. It also means building on our 190-year experience, long record of success and numerous acquisitions. The people that make up BV Solutions M&O brings a wealth of expertise in different domains to group together expertise that has the potential to achieve real, positive change in the marine and offshore industries.”