Tendeka unveils new suite of applications

Source: press release, 3 October 2018

Suzanne Stewart, Tendeka’s VP North & South America
Suzanne Stewart, Tendeka’s VP North & South America (photo: Tendeka)

Independent global completions service company Tendeka, has launched the MajiFrac Solution, a new portfolio of applications which aims to reduce water use and pumping time during completion operations in unconventional shale plays in the USA.

Unique to Tendeka, the MajiFrac Solution is the combination of a wide range of high-performance technologies and products, which can be used either individually or collectively. It includes a specially blended thermally stable modified acid system, the company’s field-proven MajiFrac Composite Plug, which incorporates a pump down feature to minimise water by-pass, and MajiFrac, a range of high viscosity friction reducers (HVFR).

“As is often the case when it comes to technology, it’s not the specific, off-the-shelf components that solves the problems but how to combine solutions together that delivers tangible results,” said Elizabeth Cambre, Tendeka’s Business Development Manager – Production Enhancement. “In one example, the MajiFrac Solution delivered savings of up to 50,000 barrels of water and reduced pump operating times by 200 hours. The sequence in which the MajiFrac technology is deployed enables optimised fluid distribution across the interval. This can lead to more contact area with the formation resulting in increased production.”

The modified acid system, which can be prepared in produced water, boasts a combination of spotting a spearhead acid with plug and perforating guns. It is harmless to the skin and achieves ultra-long-term corrosion protection compared to conventional acids, thereby reducing risk to personnel, the environment and eliminating the hazards of casing integrity. While maintaining the positive aspects of solubility and reactivity rates, it minimises unsafe exposure levels and effluent rates, as well as costly transport and storage. It has already been tested and approved by several major operators.

Tendeka’s MajiFrac Composite Plug is proven to be unaffected by acid. Its superior design deploys the plug to its setting depth with considerably less water than other industry plugs. The fast mill out time also reduces operational schedules with minimal remaining debris. Furthermore, high speed lines are achievable at low pump down rates.

The MajiFrac Solution incorporates Tendeka’s MajiFrac suite of HVFRs. Designed and manufactured in-house by the company’s Production Enhancement team, MajiFrac HVFRs delivers improved drag reduction, without the need for a booster, at ultra-low dosages. Because of its elasticity, it can transport high loadings of sand at low dosages. It can also be used across a wide range of water qualities without losing its efficacy.

Suzanne Stewart, Tendeka’s VP North & South America, says, “To maximise return on investment and reduce the time and cost required to complete wells in unconventional shale plays, it is crucial to bring a credible and economic package of hydraulic fracturing solutions closer to the operator. Our global Production Enhancement service allows us to tailor our products to meet the specific water quality and demands of the client. We will also work closely with our customers to ensure they see successful results via full training and field support across the project.”