Versadock from Marsol now available for hire

Source: press release, 23 October 2018

The Versadock modular, interlocking, floating dock pontoon system
The Versadock modular, interlocking, floating dock pontoon system (photo: Marsol International)

“Versadock is a modular, interlocking, floating dock pontoon system which is safe, durable, offers low maintenance and provides flexibility, durability and strength,” says Mike Young, Director of Marsol International. The company has just announced that the system is available for long- or short-term rental in the UAE. Versadock, as the name suggests, can be used in a very wide variety of commercial applications including floating inspection and repair, pump stations, service pontoons, access rafts, walkways, emergency repair access and support platforms. With capital budgets continuously under strain it is believed that hiring Versadock will quickly become a popular option, particularly as the product can be configured and reconfigured as the application requires.

The transportation of Versadock is simple and assembly rapid. Already the system is popular for use as a working platform within the marine industry and is also being used to facilitate temporary storage in some cases. The system can even be used, in the right conditions, as a short distance transport “vessel” due to the excellent buoyancy characteristics of the interlocking modules. Creating temporary bridges and scaffold platforms are just some of the many solutions that Versadock is providing to the marine industry.

Young continues, “By launching our new Versadock hire service we are simply responding to the feedback we have received from the industry. Floating pontoons are needed on an ongoing basis and because the majority of installations are temporary it makes sense to offer Versadock for hire. Of course, purchasing may be a better option for long term installations. Our aim at Marsol is to offer a variety of flexible hire or purchase options.”

Visit Marsol’s website to find out more about Versadock Floating Docks and Pontoons.