Emerson reservoir engineering suite upgrade offers reduced cycle times with more accurate forecasts

Source: press release, 1 November 2018

Easy interactive setup of simulation grid regions in Tempest
Easy interactive setup of simulation grid regions in Tempest (illustration: Emerson)

Emerson has announced the release of Roxar Tempest™ 8.3, its integrated reservoir engineering suite that offers tools for advanced reservoir management and flow simulation. The latest release takes automation a step further and focuses on increasing user productivity, for a superior understanding of the reservoir and its potential for return on investment. The new product suite strengthens Emerson’s end-to-end Exploration & Production (E&P) software portfolio, comprising Paradigm and Roxar software solutions, aimed at helping operators efficiently exploit both new and established reservoirs.

Tempest 8.3 provides increased compatibility with industry-standard reservoir simulators, enabling users to run third-party simulation datasets, such as ECLIPSE* models, with minimal changes. Additionally, algorithmic consistency in the product suite ensures that the volumes and reserves estimates are preserved when using third-party simulation decks with MORE. This compatibility enables the easy embedding of simulation workflows and models within Big Loop™, which links static uncertainties and flow parameters to ensure that geologic and geophysical constraints are honored when matching production. Further gains in productivity are achieved by easy and interactive creation of simulator regions and the streamlined analysis and export of well-to-well flows.

The ENABLE module within Tempest 8.3 also comes with a host of user-driven improvements serving Big Loop, including the ability to select and relaunch a specific simulation, to test out additional settings or investigate the causes that previously led a run to stop.

“This Tempest release reaffirms the central role that reservoir engineering plays in our broad spectrum of products and solutions. Connecting disciplines within customised workflows like Big Loop enables users to obtain reliable estimates of oil in place and future production volumes under a variety of production scenarios,” says Somesh Singh, chief product officer with Exploration & Production Software, Emerson Automation Solutions. “This shortens cycle times while providing more accurate forecasts. The new features in Tempest 8.3 will play a key role in increasing operators’ confidence that their investments will yield the predicted improvements to production volumes and financial returns.”

Roxar Tempest runs on Windows and Linux, and operates alongside Emerson’s reservoir characterisation and modeling solution, Roxar RMS. Tempest is an integrated software suite that provides a wide range of reservoir engineering features and is used in hundreds of installations worldwide. All modules can be deployed together or separately within third-party simulation workflows.

To learn more about Tempest 8.3, visit www.Emerson.com/Tempest8-3