Rowan to optimise active drillship fleet by concentrating work to the ‘Rowan Resolute’

Source: press release, 21 November 2018

‘VALARIS DS-16’ (‘Resolute’), a GustoMSC P10,000 ultra-deepwater drillship
‘VALARIS DS-16’ (‘Resolute’), a GustoMSC P10,000 ultra-deepwater drillship (photo: Valaris plc)

Rowan Companies plc has announced that the previously disclosed contract with Fieldwood Energy LLC for the Rowan Reliance will be transferred to the Rowan Resolute under the same contractual terms, which includes a 1-year, firm term plus three 90-day options.

The company also announced that LLOG has elected to exercise its final option on the Rowan Resolute, which is expected to keep the rig with LLOG until February 2019.

The Rowan Resolute is expected to commence operations for Fieldwood after a short contract preparation period immediately following the LLOG program. The Rowan Reliance will remain warm-stacked offshore Louisiana in the US Gulf of Mexico.