Wärtsilä broadens its Smart Marine portfolio

Source: press release, 28 November 2018

The high-speed Wärtsilä 14 engine complies with the stringent EU Stage V emissions standard for inland waterway vessels
The high-speed Wärtsilä 14 engine complies with the stringent EU Stage V emissions standard for inland waterway vessels (illustration: Wärtsilä Corporation)

The technology group Wärtsilä has strengthened its position in the maritime markets by introducing the first Wärtsilä-branded high-speed engine.

The Wärtsilä 14 is a high-speed, compact engine designed to fit requirements for limited space and weight, lower capital expense, to meet current and future global emissions regulations, and to provide customers with improved efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability.

This new engine fosters Wärtsiläs Smart Marine vision as the brand continues to offer customers increasingly wider options for meeting specific operational needs.

Highly versatile and engineered to support a wide range of applications within marine and offshore markets, the Wärtsilä 14 serves both as main propulsion and auxiliary genset and is ideal for hybrid installations. This small but mighty high-speed engine is available in 12- and 16-cylinder configurations, delivering a power output of 755-1340 KW in mechanical propulsion, and 675-1155 KWe in auxiliary and diesel-electric configurations.

Wärtsiläs latest genset offering is ideal for vessels, owners and operators, where power to weight ratio, fuel-type, efficiency, safety and environmental compliance are key considerations. Examples of such operating profiles include tugs, fishing vessels, offshore service vessels, small ferries, and the merchant auxiliary market.

Developed in close cooperation with Liebherr, one of the largest construction machine manufacturers and a technology provider for a number of other industry verticals, first deliveries of the Wärtsilä 14 are planned for the latter part of 2019. Liebherr will be responsible for product development, classification and manufacturing of the engines. The new engine type will be backed by Wärtsiläs unequalled global lifecycle support and services network.

We are very proud of this small but mighty high-speed engine,states Stefan Wiik, Vice President, Marine Power Solutions, Wärtsilä, because it heralds entry into a new, strategically important market for our brand, it reinforces our global position as leader of fully integrated technologies and hybrid solutions and bears testimony to the tangible benefits of our close cooperation with Liebherr.”

Wärtsilä announced the genset and furthers its offering with the introduction of its HYTug 40 design and concept. A smaller version of the HYTug launched in 2017 and designed for shallow draft operation, this evolution features two Wärtsilä 14 engines along with a hybrid propulsion solution which deliver various flexible operating settings, including a zero-emissions mode. Indeed, the HYTug 40 is characterised by low maintenance and operating costs, in full compliance with global environmental regulations. When fitted with a Wärtsilä NOx reduction system (NOR), she also comfortably meets IMO Tier III requirements.