Save the date – Risk Management Summit 2019

Source: press release, 4 December 2018

illustration: NPF
illustration: NPF

The Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) has now opened registration for the 4th Risk Management Summit, where the goal is to share knowledge about, and experience with, risk management across companies and industries.

An annual conference, the NPF Risk Management Summit targets leaders and risk management experts in the oil and gas industry.

This year’s conference will focus on managing risk in a petroleum industry where the speed of changes is increasing, new and advanced technologies are introduced, security threats is increasing, and the environmental impact of our industry is debated on the political arena.

Take part and listen to leaders, risk management experts and other acknowledged speakers present their views, and maybe solutions to, how changes in the context in which we operate impact their risk management perspectives.

The conference facilities at Clarion Hotel Air present a congenial setting to promote extensive networking with colleagues and discuss topics related to risk management in the petroleum sector.

4-5 April 2019
Clarion Hotel Air, Sola (near Stavanger), Norway

Kristin Øinæs, Project Manager, Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF)
Tel: +47 455 07 475