Exploitation permit for CO₂ storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Source: press release, 11 January 2019

View from Troll A (photo Equinor/Harald Pettersen)
View from Troll A (photo Equinor/Harald Pettersen)

Equinor has been awarded an exploitation permit for CO2-storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Decided by King-in-council, the allocated area for storage of COis located near the Troll oil and gas field and was announced in July 2018.

Equinor is currently performing front-end engineering and design (FEED)-studies on storage with project partners Shell and Total. The storage solution is part of the large-scale carbon capture and storage-project in Norway.

“The government has an ambition to realise a cost-effective solution for full-scale carbon capture and storage in Norway, given that this will result in international technology development. The companies’ effort to mature a storage solution is a prerequisite for a successful project,” says Kjell-Børge Freiberg, Minister of Petroleum and Energy.

The allocation of an exploitation permit is necessary to continue the FEED-studies for a CO2-storage solution. The FEED-studies will also provide more accurate cost estimates necessary for an investment decision.

This is the first exploitation permit for storage of COon the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The allocation is made under the CO2-storage regulations from December 2014.

Equinor, together with project partners Shell and Total, will now mature the storage concept towards a Plan for Development and Operations (PDO) scheduled for delivery in 2019. An investment decision for the Norwegian full-scale carbon capture and storage project is expected in 2020/2021.