Xodus creates new role in fresh drive for innovation

Source: press release, 4 February 2019

Xodus Innovation Manager, Caragh McWhirr
Xodus Innovation Manager, Caragh McWhirr (photo: Xodus Group)

International energy consultancy Xodus Group has created a new group-wide role as part of a fresh drive for innovation and technology.

Caragh McWhirr, who has worked for Xodus since it was established in 2005, has taken on the position of Innovation Manager where she will be responsible for leading the company’s innovation strategy.

McWhirr previously worked in field development as a process development engineer and throughout the last year has also been part of a core group set up to drive innovation by looking at ways the company could be more effective. The innovation strategy was supported by Scottish Enterprise and it was agreed that a dedicated focal point was needed to lead the initiative.

McWhirr, who will be based in the group’s Aberdeen headquarters, will be looking at how Xodus can evolve its current business into one that can supply different sectors or markets, including the addition of new software, products and other technology initiatives.

“By taking on this role, I can dedicate all my time to developing the strategy, identifying opportunities, generating and screening ideas and managing their development until they start to deliver returns,” she says. “If successful, we should be able to see significant results for both Xodus and our clients.”

“As technology is changing, the industry is taking advantage to save costs and to do different things with data a major focus just now. Having just been through a downturn, reducing costs is still a priority for many companies – and we’re no different. It’s all about doing our work smarter and better. Over the next 12 months I hope to see several ideas in development, whether that’s entering new markets, introducing new products or simply finding better ways of doing what we already do,” McWhirr continues.

Steve Swindell, Managing Director of Xodus Group says, “We are known in the industry as being innovative and this drive will ensure we maintain this reputation and continue to stay ahead of the game. It’s important that we continually look for new or better ways of working, so we can improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide better results for our clients.”

“Having been with Xodus from the beginning, I’m in no doubt that Caragh will make a success of this new role. I look forward to seeing new ideas being developed and the continuous improvement of the company,” adds Swindell.

Xodus is exhibiting on Stand 106 at Subsea Expo 2019, which runs from 5-7 February. Principal Pipeline Engineer, Mostafa Tantawi will also be presenting on Wednesday 6th February at 11:30 on “Global buckling design for flexible pipelines”.