Upwing Energy awarded patents for key technologies in SCS

Source: press release, 6 February 2019

Block diagram of the SCS system
Block diagram of the SCS system (illustration: Upwing Energy)

United States Patent Office has awarded three new patents to Upwing Energy for critical enabling technologies in the company’s new Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS). The SCS increases gas production by decreasing bottom hole flowing pressure and causing higher reservoir drawdown.

The three new patents cover certain aspects of Upwing’s high-speed motor drives and seal-less downhole system with a magnetically supported rotor, which underpin key elements of the SCS downhole artificial lift system.

The Upwing SCS is designed to overcome decreased gas velocity and liquid accumulation that reduce production and limit gas recovery in unconventional gas wells. It is the industry’s first reliable downhole compression system and is based on Upwing’s proprietary magnetic bearing and variable frequency drive technologies, which overcome the challenges and limitations of subsurface fluid compression under the extreme conditions present in gas wells that are up to 12,000 feet below the surface. The result is a system that is robust, inexpensive and easy to deploy and retrieve.

Upwing Energy has been granted core technology patents from its parent company Calnetix Technologies and has filed its own system-level and application-related patents for downhole rotating devices. The company has 41 U.S. and 18 foreign patent applications to date.

“These key patent awards are an important achievement and open the door for rapid commercialisation of our disruptive subsurface artificial lift technology,” says Herman Artinian, president and CEO of Upwing Energy.