Welcome to the 20th European Gas Conference

Source: press release, 21 March 2019

Welcome to the annual European Gas Conference (photo: NPF)
Welcome to the annual European Gas Conference (photo: NPF)

“Natural gas is well suited for a future where Europe will decarbonise”

In the years ahead of us, the European energy market will be further impacted by energy efficiency measures, heat decarbonisation and the changing nature of electricity generation. Using the virtues of both renewable energy sources and natural gas is the best and fastest way to create a sustainable low-carbon economy.

Natural gas is already providing sector integration: in the long run, cutting-edge gas technologies, such as power-to-gas, fuel cells, and conversion of natural gas to hydrogen accompanied by CCS provide solutions for the low-carbon energy world of the future.

Knowledge sharing is a valuable component to success. The European Gas Conference intends to provide such knowledge.

The conference program is now available at the NPF website.

Date: 28-29 May 2019
Venue: Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger, Norway
Contact: Tonje Raknes, Project manager – Tonje.Raknes@npf.no