Success for ChartCo’s EnviroManager environmental compliance management tool

Source: press release, 26 March 2019

ChartCo’s flagship EnviroManager solution has racked up in excess of 1,250 orders, for use on vessels worldwide
ChartCo’s flagship EnviroManager solution has racked up in excess of 1,250 orders, for use on vessels worldwide (illustration: ChartCo)

ChartCo’s flagship EnviroManager solution has racked up in excess of 1,250 orders, for use on vessels worldwide. The innovative system, which enables crews to effortlessly stay abreast of national, international and regional environmental regulations, has accrued such a positive reputation for user-friendliness and effectiveness that it has become the go-to environmental compliance solution for all client types, with fleet sizes ranging from one to over 200.

Vessels presently using ChartCo products and services number more than 13,500, and over 30 companies across the globe deploy EnviroManager on their fleets. Four fleets recently adopted the EnviroManager solution in the space of a single month, February 2019, and the software’s wide market appeal means that a broad variety of vessels, from container ships, tankers and bulkers to superyachts and cruise liners, are applying it with equally constructive results.

“The oceans are global, our clients are global and so are the regulations,” says ChartCo’s Chief Commercial Officer, Howard Stevens, “so it’s a ringing endorsement of EnviroManager’s capabilities that the product should have such a strong uptake over such a short space of time. Ship managers, owners and crews carry a shared responsibility to do everything in their power to protect the global ecosystem, and EnviroManager’s clearly presented compliance functionality can genuinely bring about an end to illegal ship discharges and the disastrous environmental consequences – and punitively heavy fines – which inevitably result from such practices.”

The need for unfailingly vigilant regulatory compliance grows more pressing year upon year with the introduction of mandates such as the 2017 Ballast Water Management Convention, which requires international seagoing craft to manage their ballast water and sediment discharge within given parameters, and the forthcoming Global Sulphur Cap 2020, which will affect more than 70,000 vessels in its strict enforcement of decreased sulphur emissions.

Under this new IMO MARPOL regulation, aimed at drastically reducing air pollution, ships will be required to either switch to very-low-sulphur fuel oil or compliant 0.50% sulphur fuel blends, retrofit engines to allow the use of alternative, sulphur-free fuels such as LNG (liquefied natural gas), or install exhaust gas cleaning systems. China has already introduced a new implementation plan for Emission Control Areas (ECAs) – and it goes without saying that EnviroManager is an indispensable means of keeping on top of these global regulatory developments.

Existing clients of EnviroManager software are fulsome in their praise. “It is an excellent tool to work with, providing info at a glance for all discharge criteria as per MARPOL regulations,” says Capt. Yagnav J. Desai, Master, Nord Pearl. “Following a recent audit by Shell on board one of our vessels,” adds Lars B. Lødøen, HSEQ Manager, Sanco Shipping AS, “the auditor noted EnviroManager as ‘… an innovative system that uses the vessel’s GPS position to indicate what controls the vessel should have in force for the control of waste according to MARPOL.’”

Martin Taylor, CEO, ChartCo, adds, “At ChartCo we pride ourselves on staying close to our customers. They’re struggling to manage the rapidly growing set of environmental rules and have asked us for help. We listened carefully and brought the EnviroManager product to market after investing in the core functionality and a team to constantly update the global datasets. Speed to market was essential, and the functionality is now integrated into the OneOcean platform – the only truly-integrated platform for compliance and navigation.”