Yara Marine sets record with successful inline hybrid scrubber MARPOL test

Source: press release, 2 April 2019

Yara Marine Technology’s inline hybrid SOx scrubber
Yara Marine Technology’s inline hybrid SOx scrubber (photo: Yara)

Yara Marine Technologies has announced the successful installation of an inline hybrid scrubber system for an undisclosed customer in the ultra-large container segment.

This is the biggest ship engine ever to be successfully fitted with an inline hybrid scrubber system. The project marks an important milestone in expanding areas where shipowners can achieve full and cost-efficient IMO compliance with SOx scrubbers. The inline hybrid scrubber system also covers the vessel’s five auxiliary engines.

“The installation of Yara Marine’s inline hybrid SOx scrubber on the vessel confirms our customer’s commitment to protect the environment, not only from IMO-regulated SOx emissions, but also Particulate Matter (PM) and other hazardous substances from exhaust gas,” says Yara Marine Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Kai Låtun.

“We appreciate our customers’ environmental strategies and we want to support them in the accomplishment of these ambitions. With the successful operation of this ultra-large container ship, we believe more vessel operators will follow in the same direction,” Låtun explains.

The successful MARPOL test is a confirmation of the scalability of Yara Marine scrubbers and their ability to provide efficient SOx treatment on larger vessels, such as in the container segment.

“We believe that with the successful MARPOL test on the vessel, we have inspired and convinced more shipowners about the feasibility of Yara Marine scrubbers,” says Yara Marine CEO Peter Strandberg.

The vessel, with an 80-MW 2 stroke main engine and five (each approximately 5 MW) auxiliary engines, is already in full operation in its dedicated trading route.