Wärtsilä Engine+ Hybrid Energy solution to support storage and renewable energy adoption

Source: press release, 16 April 2019

Engine+ Hybrid Energy is the latest hybrid energy solution from Wärtsilä – it provides an affordable, reliable and environmentally sound power generation solution for islanded grids (photo: Wärtsilä)

The technology group Wärtsilä has launched Engine+ Hybrid Energy, the company’s newest solution for power producers across the globe, helping them to reach their ambitious renewable energy goals. The solution pairs engines with energy storage to form a fully integrated, automated system, and provides a reliable and environmentally sound power generation solution with improved efficiency for the operators and power producers of islanded grids. Wärtsilä Engine+ Hybrid Energy is a concrete example of the company’s energy system integrator capability.

Wärtsilä’s Engine+ Hybrid Energy solution integrates standardised energy storage solutions and energy management systems with flexible engine power plants, leading to greater efficiencies, maintenance optimisation, emission reductions and a more streamlined addition of renewables into power systems. The solution serves load instantly, addresses step changes and intermittencies, and provides spinning reserves. GEMS, the control platform, automatically dispatches available assets and takes into account any operational constraints to ensure optimal operation.

Wärtsilä Engine+ Hybrid Energy enables customers to configure or reconfigure power plants with a wide range of goals and uses machine learning to predict operational conditions and automatically dispatch resources. As a result, Engine+ Hybrid Energy solution improves efficiencies and grid stability, saves on operational and management costs, reduces emissions and boosts system reliability. When an energy storage solution and energy management system are integrated into an engine power plant – as achieved by this new Wärtsilä offering – payback periods as short as 2 years can be achieved.

Many energy producers face two significant operational challenges related to how assets are utilised. The first is spinning reserves – the need to maintain online reserve capacity in order to meet rapid grid demand changes and ensure grid stability in case of generation disturbances. The second is an issue of determining the operating schedule of generating units with varying loads under different constraints and environments. The Engine+ Hybrid Energy solution addresses these challenges for island and remote grids, such as mining operations and other self-generation systems.

“Island grids and remote grid operations looking to grow and modernise often face tight margins, inflexibility from unit commitment and expensive fuel costs from spinning reserves,” says Andrew Tang, Vice President, Energy Storage, Solar & Integration, Wärtsilä Energy Business. “The unmatched flexibility and real-time controls of Engine+ Hybrid Energy solution will reduce operational expenses and environmental impact, helping more of our customers reach their ambitious renewable energy goals and enhance the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future.”