GRC announces sale of the 1000th Spy Pro ESP gauge

Source: press release, 6 May 2019

The Spy Pro gauge for downhole ESP systems
The Spy Pro gauge for downhole ESP systems (photo: GRC)

Sercel-GRC (GRC), an oil and gas service company that designs, manufactures and markets downhole data acquisition instruments and surface equipment, has announced the sale of the 1,000th Spy Pro gauge for downhole ESP systems.

Officially released in 2018, the Spy Pro ESP gauge is complete plug-and-play package that is manufactured in various models to accommodate multiple applications. Rated for 5,000 and 10,000 psi at 150° C, Spy Pro can record up to 11 downhole parameters which are used to monitor the health and wellness of the ESP production system including intake and discharge pressures, intake and motor temperatures, X, Y and Z vibrations, water motor ingress, line voltage, current leakage and wye point voltage imbalance.

The Spy Pro ESP gauge data gives operators more detailed premature data insight into the long-term vitality of their wells which in turn can help them decrease ESP system downtimes and expenditures. The unique sealed design extends the run life of the gauge while providing minimum re-dressing when running it from one well to another, which saves opex and extends capex.

Tom Millar, vice president of global sales & marketing, says, “The Spy Pro ESP gauge provides real-time, fast sampling metering values that help understand and address solutions for the number one reason an ESP system is pulled from a well, which is electrical failure. Spy Pro ESP gauge also provides a unique feature to differentiate the 3 stages affecting its performance to read data – failed gauge, high imbalance or grounded phase. With a low downhole failure of 1.0%, Spy Pro gives customer support easy access to the diagnostics data needed to identify the root cause of a problem without having to be on site.”

The fit-for-purpose Spy Pro ESP gauge can be used in reservoir and well testing, production and troubleshooting applications.