Wild Well Control announces online Introduction to Drilling Operations course

Source: press release, 7 May 2019

Excerpt from Wild Well’s online ‘Introduction to Drilling Operations’ course
Excerpt from Wild Well’s online ‘Introduction to Drilling Operations’ course (illustration: Wild Well Control)

Wild Well Control, a Superior Energy Services company and a global provider of well control, engineering and training services, has launched a new online well control e-learning course, Introduction to Drilling Operations.

This e-learning course meets all regulatory guidelines and is IADC WellSharp™ accredited. As an introduction to well control for oil and gas drilling operations, the course is intended for operators, contractors and service company personnel, as well as non-technical and non-industry personnel. The course includes detailed visual animations to increase students’ awareness and understanding of drilling and the importance of maintaining well control at all times.

Bill Mahler, executive vice president, Wild Well, says, “Over the past 3 years, our Wild Well team has spent thousands of hours developing a detailed, high-quality course that will provide lasting value for the industry.”

Throughout the 20 animated lessons, students will learn about land-based and subsea topics that will increase their knowledge of drilling and well control. “The level of detail that we have included in the lessons brings the subject matter to life. As a teaching tool, the 3D course animations help students gain a better foundation of well control concepts by illustrating complicated and otherwise unseen downhole topics,” adds Ken Smith, General Manager of Training at Wild Well.

The quality of Wild Well’s course provides valuable information for industry personnel to be informed and to work safely in the office or in the field. This course functions as a continuing education tool for experienced oilfield workers and as an introductory on-boarding tool for office and non-industry personnel.

Mark Denkowski, IADC executive vice president accreditation operations, says, “The coursework objectives were developed and designed by IADC member subject matter experts to focus specifically on new technology and operations, and the introductory course addresses the basic fundamentals of good well control practices. As one of IADC’s trusted training providers, we are excited to see Wild Well launch their e-learning WellSharp Introductory course.”

Mahler continues, “As the leading training provider of IADC-issued certifications, Wild Well is committed to the continual improvement of its well control course curriculums under the IADC WellSHARP program, and, more importantly, the quality and experience of its certified well control instructors. Wild Well has invested in both curriculum and instructor development in order to create the highest-quality courses.”

The course is now available online and registration is available on Wild Well’s website: https://wildwell.com/well-control-training-courses/online-courses/.