Save the date – Annual Petroleum Economics Conference

Source: press release, 14 May 2019

illustration: NPF
illustration: NPF

The Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) had announced that this year’s Annual Petroleum Economics Conference will take place in Stavanger, Norway, October 22-23.

The conference will provide a unique opportunity to get the latest and greatest update from the industry and to network and meet new colleagues.

Markets has recovered from the oil price drop in 2015, but the volatility and uncertainty are still high. We will give you the fundamentals of the industry and the latest views on the market outlook going forward.

The committee has organised a program with a broad range of topics all very important and relevant for the E&P professional. Among others, the conference will touch on topics such as the ESA ruling on exploration refund, Unitisation challenges, Decision Analysis and Valuation Methodology for M&A. The committee has also organised “deep dives”, focusing on value creation through exploration activities and value drivers in renewables.

Visit the NPF website for updates and programme updates.

October 22-23, 2019, Stavanger, Norway

For additional information contact:
Norwegian Petroleum Society
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Tel: +47 455 07 475