nVent introduces new standardised design for mineral insulated heating units

Source: press release, 23 May 2019

nVent RAYCHEM Mineral Insulated (MI) heating unit installation
nVent RAYCHEM Mineral Insulated (MI) heating unit installation (photo: nVent Electric)

nVent Electric plc, a global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions, has introduced a new standardised design for its nVent RAYCHEM Mineral Insulated (MI) heating units – equipment designed to provide superior freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for high-power, high-exposure industrial heat-tracing applications. The new heating units ensure greater operational reliability and corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

Harsh environments can compromise the performance of heat-tracing systems, resulting in system failure and costly maintenance fees. Thanks to newly designed pot seal with flexible pigtails, in combination with alloy 825 cold lead cables and nickel-plated brass glands, the nVent RAYCHEM MI heating units offer maximum electrical protection against moisture, as well as superior corrosion resistance. The result: longer service life, greater reliability and a reduced total operating cost.

The latest iteration of the nVent RAYCHEM MI heating units comprise a globally standardised design, offering the highest reliability on the market and the benefit of universal global support levels. Additional benefits include compliance of the entire range according to current international standards for hazardous area operation.

“Having secured a globally unified design, we are uniquely placed to leverage our R&D efforts and flexibility and availability at our MI manufacturing facilities. For our customers, this means shorter lead times – especially when it comes to major heat-tracing projects,” comments Koen Verleyen, marketing manager EMEAI at nVent Thermal. “Our best-in-class product specification ensures superior reliability, reduced maintenance intervention and increased overall life expectancy – benefits that can prove crucial in the harsh, hazardous environments in which our customers operate.”

The improved design capabilities combined with tighter manufacturing tolerances, result in lower MI sheath temperatures across the entire MI range. This may reduce the total quantity of cable runs, resulting in easier, faster installation and reduced total installed cost nVent has also introduced a new simplified MI junction box range with earth plates and M25 entries. All these product updates are included in the latest version of nVent’s heat-tracing design software, TraceCalc Pro v2.11.

Said Megassabi, product manager EMEAI at nVent Thermal, comments, “With our new global nVent RAYCHEM MI product range, we can offer our customers an improved design that drives investment and installation costs down, while providing the highest reliability to minimise their operational costs. The new range also features a 10-year extended product warranty program, offering peace of mind for industries worldwide; from oil and gas and petrochemical to power plants and food industries.”