Wild Well Control adds proven technology to subsea capping stacks

Source: press release, 18 July 2019

Fugro’s Mark 3 BOP skid
Fugro’s Mark 3 BOP skid (photo: Wild Well Control)

Wild Well Control, Inc., a Superior Energy Services company and a global provider of well control and engineering services, has announced a new contract with Fugro for the provision of BOP intervention skids and test units for inclusion in its Subsea Response Kit. As part of the WellCONTAINED™ subsea capping stack program, the new 450/150 Mark 3 BOP intervention skids from Fugro are an advancement in both pumping capability and water depth rating and will replace the existing equipment in inventory.

Doug Graham, Fugro’s ROV services and tooling global director, explained that Fugro is delighted to support Wild Well by providing the latest generation Fugro BOP Technology. This technology offers multiple benefits to Wild Well, such as full skid testing without the requirement of an ROV, the ability to interface to most workclass ROV systems and a bespoke designed self-contained storage and maintenance transport container. “We are very pleased that Wild Well is incorporating Fugro’s new Mark 3 BOP skid into its unique WellCONTAINED™ inventory,” he says. “Deployments of the skid system to date have included full functional testing on a Fugro ROV at 3,800 metres water depth. The BOP system is depth rated to 4,000 metres.”

Chris LeCompte, Wild Well’s general manager of WellCONTAINED™, states, “This new equipment supports our initiative to provide a comprehensive subsea capping and containment program for operators worldwide. We are excited that this field proven equipment enhances our kit while also supporting the increased 3,800-metre depth rating of our capping stack equipment.”

The WellCONTAINED™ program provides the most comprehensive package of subsea emergency response services in the industry. Wild Well’s WellCONTAINED™ inventory is staged in a ready-to-deploy state in both Aberdeen and Singapore. The equipment at each location includes full subsea well intervention systems, including a subsea capping stack, debris removal shears, hardware kits for the subsea application of dispersant and inhibition fluids, and other ancillary equipment.

Along with dedicated subsea containment equipment, capping stacks, and support equipment, such as, specialised debris clearing equipment and critical dispersant injection equipment, Wild Well’s highly qualified emergency response well control and subsea engineering personnel deliver innovative solutions in a timely manner.