Pan Marine Group and Peterson join forces in the Egyptian market

Source: press release, 23 July 2019

The platform support vessel ‘MV Sea Triumph’ is an integral part of the supply base concept
The platform support vessel ‘MV Sea Triumph’ is an integral part of the supply base concept (photo: Peterson)

Egyptian service provider Pan Marine and international energy logistics company Peterson are joining forces to operate in the Egyptian market. Pan Marine and Peterson together are providing the first integrated supply base management in Abu Qir to their end client Dana Gas Egypt. The service includes logistics management for all supply base work at Abu Qir Port and providing a platform support vessel MV Sea Triumph as an integral part of the supply base concept. Together the service providers are offering supply base management systems, HSEQ managers and equipment including cranes, forklifts and vehicles.

Pan Marine is well-known in supporting the Egyptian market oil and gas needs for more than 40 years and Peterson, celebrating next year its centennial, has a global track record for delivering innovative solutions to the energy industry – particularly in the North Sea, Middle East, Asia and Caribbean. The new contract with Dana Gas marks Peterson’s first move into the Egyptian market and will see the organisation transfer its extensive knowledge to local personnel through IT technology, IOSH and emergency response training, as well as its industry recognised and established work processes and procedures.

Joining forces with Pan Marine was a logical move for Peterson since its local presence with various international oil companies has meant that both companies complement each other to truly deliver supply base services that are comprehensive and sensitive to the local requirements, but with an outlook to bringing North Sea standards to the region.

Commenting on the venture Kevin Wilson of Dana Gas Egypt, says, “Dana Gas Egypt selected the Pan Marine/Peterson Team to resource and operate its Abu Qir shore base facilities in support of the deep-water Merak-1 exploration well in N. El Arish, based on a combination of global experience and local presence. They mobilised competent and experienced personnel, certified mechanical handling equipment and a full package of operating standards and procedures in a very short period of time and manage marine operations on a dedicated berth with drilling bulks silos, the pipe storage yard, liquid mud plant and a muster area for containerised cargos. To date, following two months of full operations, Dana Gas is delighted that no accidents, incidents or environmental events have occurred and there have been zero operational delays due to the shore base logistics service. We look forward to completing the well with the same result.”

From Peterson, Nicolai Portelli notes, “This is the first project Peterson and Pan Marine have collaborated for, and thus it has been a milestone that both companies have been working towards for the past couple of years.”

Portelli further adds, “As expected, the results have been positive based on the fact that the two have similar values and entrepreneurial qualities to approaching business opportunities. This the first stepping-stone to developing state-of-the-art integrated logistics services within Egypt, and both Peterson and Pan Marine are taking a long-term view of the partnership. This brings reassurance to the energy industry in Egypt which will have the opportunity to avail itself of the expertise, technology, and business models that Peterson brings with it, while also knowing that through Pan Marine there is a significant amount of local knowledge that will ensure the optimum solutions are delivered.”

Marwan El Shazly of Pan Marine believes that, “by partnering with Peterson, we continue and grow our footprint in providing excellent oil and gas services to the Egyptian market. This partnership aligns with our core logistics business seeking to provide our local clients with North Sea services and standards for the most competitive prices.”

El Shazly further adds, “Through last 40 years Pan Marine Group was committed to meet its customers’ needs by providing the new technologies and services to enhance productivity and break any operations bottleneck, we believe that integrating the supply base management with offshore support vessels will be the future in supporting upcoming offshore projects.”

The Supply Base Management contract will be for one well plus options, and both partners will provide tailor-made processes and procedures to ensure the highest standards are achieved throughout the duration of the work.