Call for abstracts – Biennial Geophysical Seminar 2020!

Source: press release, 12 August 2019

illustration: NPF
illustration: NPF

With rising global demand, highly volatile prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the oil and gas industry faces three major challenges: 1. optimising the performance of its base assets, 2. maintaining cost efficiency and 3. improving its environmental footprint.

The industry has already been through a tough several years of drastic cost-cutting and re-structuring – but is now more vigorous and adaptive and more resilient to a rapidly changing world than ever. To meet the increasingly difficult task of finding and producing more hydrocarbons the industry should both learn from experience as well as trying new technologies and methods.

Atle Aamodt, Chairman of the Organising Committee, would therefore like to encourage you to submit your expanded abstract for the 2020 conference: “We would particularly encourage real case studies from Norwegian waters where new technology has been applied such as hi-res seismic acquisition, processing and imaging tools, OBC, machine learning, neural networks, AI and new/innovative ways of interpreting a complex diversity of data. We welcome contributions from a diverse mix of oil companies, service companies and universities/institutes.”

Deadline for submission of abstracts is August 15, 2019 – Send your abstract to

Visit the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) website for additional information.

9-11 March 2020
Quality Hotel Expo, Oslo, Norway

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