Climate change concern boosts Rototec’s growth

Source: press release, 13 August 2019

Rototec is the Europe’s largest provider of geo energy solutions and innovative pioneer in the field
Rototec is the Europe’s largest provider of geo energy solutions and innovative pioneer in the field (photo: Rototec)

Growing concern over climate change and an increasing demand for environmentally friendly geo energy has accelerated Rototec’s growth. Implementation of cost-effective and carbon-free geo energy is continuing to grow in Scandinavia due to the region’s rocky soil, which is ideal to make use of geo energy. In essence, geo energy is renewable solar energy, which is stored underground, and it can be used to heat and cool different kind of properties.

In the beginning of August, the company celebrated 10 million drilled metres during its 12th operational year. This equates to a savings of 216,584 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year. As a comparison, this same amount of carbon dioxide corresponds to flying 188,826 times from Helsinki to Bangkok or driving 38,676 times around the world. The geo energy Rototec has been drilling can save 524,926 oil barrels per year, which is 1,438 barrels per day or 60 barrels an hour.

In addition to detached houses, heating and cooling with geo energy has also been used in hospitals, schools, nurseries, shopping centres, spa hotels and other large buildings, including industrial sites. According to recent research by Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund), 40% of carbon dioxide emissions comes from housing – and large part of that comes from heating and cooling. This research also mentions that geo energy is the most environmentally friendly heating option. Geo energy increases property value and is a profitable investment, both economically as well as for the future of our planet.

“We have noticed with joy that the awareness of climate issues has risen, and it has increased demand in the Scandinavia. Norway will begin a ban of heating oil starting in 2020, which has greatly increased demand there, and we have just won a big project for the new hospital in Stavanger. In Sweden, climate change is a constant topic and the demand for climate friendly geo energy has increased well there as well. In Finland, we are growing strongly as well, especially within large property segment, from which we can mention for example Sokos Hotel Koli and shopping centre Skanssi,” says Alexej von Bagh, CEO, Rototec Group.

“Ten million drilled metres is an achievement I could not even dream of when I started this company in 2007. It has been great to see the growth and development of the company and what is best, to be able to do good for the climate as well,” says Mikko Ojanne, VP Development, Rototec Group.