Welcome to PI World Gothenburg 2019

Source: press release, 8 August 2019

Pat Kennedy, OSIsoft Founder and CEO
Pat Kennedy, OSIsoft Founder and CEO (photo: OSIsoft)

OSIsoft PI World EMEA offers a great opportunity to network and learn from the extensive PI System community. At PI World, you can attend hands-on training classes taught by OSIsoft’s very own engineers, have your questions answered by experts at the partner and product expo, and learn from numerous OSIsoft customer presentations across various industries about innovative approaches to meet your process and operational goals.

The PI System is growing in importance across the value chain oil and gas. Saudi Aramco, Shell, BP, TransCanada and others use OSIsoft software for predictive maintenance, regulatory compliance and other tasks and achieve significant ROI: DCP Midstream estimates the PI System saves it over USD 20 million a year. OSIsoft serves over 80% of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, and roughly 70% of the world’s hydrocarbons are managed by the PI System at some time in their voyage to market.

Some of the highlights of the event include:

  • Daleel Petroleum on how it created a new division within the company to treat operational data as a resource.
  • Petro Rabigh on increasing production and improving production accounting.
  • Petronas on managing downtime across five offshore fields with 100,000 data points. (Petronas also has an interesting strategy regarding in-house software analytics.)
  • IPCOS, one of the leading consultancies, on its new applications for preventative maintenance and other tasks.
  • ENI on using Big Data to reduce COemissions.
  • Saudi Aramco on Quality Control for Crude Oil. The world’s largest company will discuss how it uses an in-house solution along with the PI System and PI Vision to detect anomalies and improve quality across more than 50 plants.
  • SBN Offshore and the Digital FPSO. An alphabet soup of digital transformation.
  • Toyota Aims for Zero. Toyota has set a goal of zero COimpact by 2050. To get there, the company has deployed the PI System in eight European factories to lower power consumption by mining energy, weather and production data.

Visit https://piworld.osisoft.com/emea2019 to find out more and register.

Updated, 21 August 2019