ClassNK reorganises to support with the 2020 Sulphur Cap

Source: press release, 27 August 2019

photo: ClassNK
photo: ClassNK

Classification society ClassNK has undergone structural changes that include an integration of its point of contacts in order to more quickly and efficiently support clients with the IMO’s upcoming Sulphur Cap which will be globally enforced starting in January of 2020.

In light of the increasingly strengthening SOx regulation, until now ClassNK had already been providing not only appropriate plan approvals/site surveys and information on international/regional regulations, but also carrying out various other initiatives to provide clients with compliant support to the new regulation. In addition to the release of the “Guidance for onboard use of Compliant Fuel Oil with SOx regulation from 2020” which outlines potential risks and mitigation measures involved with compliant fuel oil, and the “Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems” which include requirement explanations for SOx scrubbers, ClassNK has also provided a sample “Ship Implementation Plan (SIP)” recommended by the IMO for switching to compliant fuel oil now that global enforcement is within sight, and many appraisal services for SIPs and fuel oil tank cleaning etc.

Future issues and damage involving machinery with the use of compliant fuels and new situations regarding Port State Control (PSC) inspections are expected. As the SOx regulation involves various fields, ClassNK reorganised its structure by integrating its point of contacts to provide faster and more efficient support to clients.

The points of contact for inquiries related to the SOx regulation are as follows:

Inquiries about new buildings, Machinery department:

Inquiries about ships in service, Survey department:

Additionally, ClassNK’s initiatives with the SOx regulation can be found in the “SOxPM regulations” section of their website ( under “Products & Services” > “Statutory Services” > “Sox PM regulations”.