Fischer Panda UK equips new-generation fire-fighting vessel

Source: press release, 10 September 2019

Fischer Panda UK supplied equipment for AMC's latest high-performance fire-fighting vessel, named ‘Barracuda’
Fischer Panda UK supplied equipment for AMC's latest high-performance fire-fighting vessel, named ‘Barracuda’ (photo: AMC)

Fischer Panda UK has joined with Cowes-based aluminium boat builder Aluminium Marine Consultants (AMC) to equip its latest high-performance fire-fighting vessel with air conditioning, power and digital switching systems.

The vessel, named Barracuda, was built through a partnership between AMC, naval architects Walker Marine Design and fire-fighting equipment supplier Angloco. The Dometic air conditioning, Mastervolt electrical and C Zone digital switching systems were all supplied by Fischer Panda UK.

David Payne, Technical Sales Manager at Fischer Panda UK, says, “We’re delighted to be part of this project. A fire-fighting vessel is a complex craft, and behind the powerful pumps and engines need to be rock-solid control and electrical systems which won’t let the crew down in an emergency, teamed with climate control to keep them and any casualties taken on board comfortable whatever the conditions.”

Barracuda is the first in a new line of fire-fighting vessels and a significant achievement for the UK marine industry. We look forward to collaborating on many similar projects in the future,” Payne adds.

Robin Orledge, Commercial Manager (Technical)/Electrical Supervisor, AMC, says, “We were looking for an electrical system/supplier that would save time, space and improve durability with worldwide support. The C Zone/Mastervolt system has more than met this requirement.”

“This was the first project that AMC and Fisher Panda have worked together on. We have had full support from David Payne [Technical Sales Manager, Fischer Panda UK] right from the design phase to final commission at our Cowes yard. After the successful supply and installation in the 14-metre FiFi, C Zone/Mastervolt is now AMC’s first choice for electrical system supply in all AMC Firefighting/workboats under 16 metres,” continues Orledge.

The new vessel will operate out of Georgetown, Guyana, protecting a 10-mile stretch of the Demerara River. The area hosts significant commercial activity, including food and industrial import/export, and the storage of petroleum products. The craft will also carry out search and rescue missions and marine medical evacuations, and is therefore equipped with accommodation for two stretchers, making efficient air conditioning essential for the welfare of casualties as well as crew.

Commissioned from Angloco at a cost of USD 1.4 million by the Guyana Fire Service, the 14-metre, 32-knot vessel is equipped with three monitors each capable of delivering over 4,000 litres of water per minute at a range of up to 120 metres.