‘Versalis Revive®’ gives new life to recycled plastic

Source: press release, 14 October 2019

Versalis, an Eni chemical company providing plastics and rubbers, focuses on the bio-based solutions
Versalis, an Eni chemical company providing plastics and rubbers, focuses on the bio-based solutions (photo: Eni Versalis)

As part of Eni’s strategy for energy transition and sustainable development, Versalis has launched a new line of products made of recycled plastic, called Versalis Revive®. The first range of these products, which have been developed at Versalis’ research laboratories and are based on different polymers, including polysterene and polyethylene, will be presented at the K fair in Düsseldorf.

“Versalis Revive® EPS” is an expandable polystyrene made of recycled raw materials from separated domestic waste collected in Italy, including polystyrene cups, trays and yogurt pots. The project is being carried out in collaboration with COREPLA (National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging). The material will be commercially available from November, and can fulfil the same uses as virgin polystyrene, as insulating panels to save energy in buildings, or as protective packaging for appliances and furniture. Other initiatives are under development, with the goal of producing over 20,000 tons/year of polystyrene products containing recycled materials.

“Versalis Revive® PE” includes low and high-density polyethylene-based compounds, containing up to 75% of urban post-consumer plastic, mainly from recycled packaging. These products can be used for multiple applications, particularly in the agricultural sector for drip irrigation, and in the packaging sector, including for small containers of up to 5 litres. The materials are also suitable for film applications, such as for bags for industrial products or mineral water packaging. These products have been developed in collaboration with the Versalis Research Centre in Mantua and Montello SpA, the leading plastic recovery and recycling technologies operator in Europe, where the product is produced. Versalis Revive® PE will soon expand further to include new products that are currently undergoing development.

This new product line reaffirms Versalis’ commitment to the circular economy as a pillar of Eni’s strategy for a low-carbon future. Reducing waste and giving plastic waste new life by reusing and recycling are fundamental to ensuring a better future for the planet.