Nor-Shipping puts #ACTION on the agenda for 2021

Source: press release, 21 October 2019

Nor-Shipping Director Per Martin Tanggaard – it’s time for #ACTION
Nor-Shipping Director Per Martin Tanggaard – it’s time for #ACTION (photo: Nor-Shipping)

Nor-Shipping has announced that its 2021 outing in Oslo and Lillestrøm, Norway will concentrate on the tangible opportunities, challenges and successes that are currently defining the ocean space. The exhibition and event week, which welcomed over 50,000 participants from more than 85 countries in 2019, will achieve this through a focus on #ACTION, encouraging exhibitors, contributors and visitors to seize the huge potential, and address the concerns, inherent in our oceans.

Opportunity in challenge
“The oceans have become a focus for both business and society,” explains Nor-Shipping Director Per Martin Tanggaard, “and rightly so. As the global population grows so does the requirement for energy, nutrition and transport solutions, and the ocean has huge potential for business development to satisfy this demand. However, as we’re all painfully aware, environmental concerns and pressure have never been so intense, so commercial actors must pay heed to the need for sustainable solutions.”

“At Nor-Shipping we’re aware that there’s a lot of ‘talk’ – about both opportunities and challenges – but often not enough of a platform to promote, accelerate and showcase real action. That’s what we’re aiming to do in 2021. We want to celebrate the players that are prospering in the ocean, help enable those that wish to, encourage new partnerships, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and demonstrate to all our stakeholders that there is opportunity in challenges – that they have the power to address them. As an industry, as a world, we need action! Nor-Shipping 2021 is the place to experience it,” Tanggaard adds.

Enabling success
Nor-Shipping 2019, which took place between 3 and 7 June, saw participant figures increase by 34% (against 2017), while the entire hall exhibition space in Lillestrøm was completely filled – for the first time – with exhibitors from some 47 countries. The success followed on from Nor-Shipping’s repositioning as “your arena for ocean solutions”, broadening its core maritime focus to encompass ocean industries and enable collaboration, prosperity and the transfer of knowledge across the entire ocean space.

The 2021 programme, again taking place in Oslo and Lillestrøm, 1-4 June 2021, will build on this platform, with a diverse array of events, networking opportunities, debates, the main exhibition, and much more.

Serving the industry
“It’s too early to talk about specific details of the 2021 show,” Tanggaard comments, “but we can say that we’ll retain and consolidate our ‘ocean’ focus. However, it’s important to point out that this is being done to serve, rather than being detrimental to, our core maritime audience. The skills, assets and understanding of our global shipping industry will be the key to unlocking ongoing, sustainable success in the ocean space… and we want to help our customers prosper in this environment.”

“We all need to see real #ACTION regarding the ocean,” he concludes. “Now is the time to seize opportunity and Nor-Shipping 2021 will be the platform to promote it. Personally speaking, I can’t wait.”

Nor-ShippingNor-Shipping has also revealed that stands are already selling fast within its 22,500 square metre exhibition space. Companies that want to retain their previous positions are being encouraged to book prior to 31 January 2020.

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