BCCK to construct Nitech® NRU project for energy transfer

Source: press release, 5 November 2019

35 MMSCFD Style III Nitech nitrogen rejection unit
35 MMSCFD Style III Nitech nitrogen rejection unit (photo: BCCK)

BCCK Holding Company (BCCK), provider of engineering, procurement, fabrication and field construction services, has been selected by Energy Transfer for the construction and installation of a Nitech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU) in West Texas.

The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project will consist of a 97 MMSCFD nitrogen rejection unit incorporating BCCK’s Style III Nitech® NRU technology at Energy Transfer’s Rebel Plant.

Jim McCaleb, vice president of processing, Energy Transfer, says, “We selected BCCK for their extensive knowledge in nitrogen rejection and we are excited to work with them on an NRU project.”

John Peterson, senior vice president of business development, BCCK, says, “We are excited to get the opportunity to work with Energy Transfer on this NRU. This project will allow us to showcase BCCK’s gas processing and nitrogen removal knowledge as well as exhibit the company’s construction skills.”

The agreement was finalised in September, and the installation of the NRU is expected to be completed in Q3 2020. This project marks BCCK’s 30th NRU, as its 40-year anniversary approaches.