DNV GL’s 2019 ‘Battery Performance Scorecard’ available

Source: press release, 6 November 2019

illustration: DNV GL
illustration: DNV GL

DNV GL’s second annual Battery Performance Scorecard provides independent ranking and evaluation of battery vendors based on testing performed in DNV GL’s laboratories.

Certainty in energy storage means confidence that a system will perform reliably and have a predictable life expectancy. The economic viability of the entire project is built on this reassurance.

The 2019 Battery Performance Scorecard – based on battery testing in DNV GL’s Product Qualification Programs at its BEST Test & Commercialization Center in Rochester, New York – provides confidence in the quickly growing global battery market and a roadmap for battery buyers to manage and operate specific battery technologies and estimate warranties and replacement costs.

What’s new in the 2019 report:

  • More participants and data
  • New chemistries
  • Additional discussions on safety

The report also includes 10 new takeaways for buyers of battery systems.

Visit the DNV GL website to download a free copy.