Neodrill enters Australian market with new Business Development Manager

Source: press release, 13 November 2019

Neodrill Business Development Manager APAC, Tim Dallas
Neodrill Business Development Manager APAC, Tim Dallas (photo: Neodrill)

Innovator in pre-rig technology, Neodrill, has announced it is bringing its CAN (Conductor Anchor Node) technology to Australia and New Zealand. To support this new phase of growth, the role of business development manager for the region has been created.

The position has been filled by Tim Dallas, a business development expert with almost 30 years of experience in the oil and gas sector.

Neodrill’s technology is applicable under all well conditions and water depths. This adaptability is particularly useful in areas, like Western Australia, where there is a wide range of water depths and sea conditions. In the North West shelf waters can range from 50 to 1,300 metres, with some newer exploration areas reaching further depths. With a strong commitment among operators in the region to high environmental standards, the technology’s green credentials will be a key selling point. A recent Lifecycle Assessment by Asplan Viak found that the environmental impact of the CAN-ductor is between 21 to 44% less than that of a conventionally drilled well.

In 2018, Neodrill partnered with Woodside Energy on its Ferrand-1 exploration well in Western Australia. At 1,500 metres, it was the deepest CAN-ductor installation to date and led to significant cost savings with 3-4 rig days saved from the drilling schedule.

Commenting on the appointment, Neodrill’s Chief Executive Officer, Jostein Aleksandersen says, “Australia is a heavily regulated region and companies exploring for oil and gas are committed to minimising their environmental impacts. We are very proud to be playing a role in helping the industry transition to cleaner, safer and greener processes.”

“We have already shown the ability of our technology in the region, with our deepest ever Can-ductor installation on the the Ferrand-1 exploration well. We look forward to working with more partners across the region – and setting new records for our technology,” Aleksandersen adds.

Tim Dallas, Business Development Manager APAC, says, “The CAN is an innovative adaptation of the long-established suction anchor technology. It is applied in a way that provides a step change in the approach to well design and installation. Not only does it reduce cost, but it provides the advantage of easy and effective decommissioning of an exploration well, with the added advantage of re-use. I am very proud to bring Neodrill’s CAN Technology to the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

The Neodrill team is currently attending the Australia Subsea Technology Conference in Perth, which is run by Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP).