VECKTA to revolutionise microgrids and distributed energy systems

Source: press release, 12 November 2019

Worley and XENDEE Inc. have built on the relationship they established in 2018 to form VECKTA Inc., a joint venture which will revolutionise the way microgrids and distributed energy systems are assessed, designed and deployed.

VECKTA will own and operate a cloud-based market platform that links the core energy configuration software of XENDEE with an ecosystem of equipment, finance and project delivery services and with the global reach of Worley. VECKTA assesses and designs optimised energy systems 90% faster than traditional methods.

Gareth Evans, CEO of VECKTA says, “Until now, assessing, designing and coordinating the various stakeholders within the distributed energy space has been complex, time consuming and expensive. VECKTA will overcome these challenges and empower the industry to co-create distributed, lower carbon energy solutions that are reliable, compatible, safer and cheaper. Uniquely, VECKTA users will have the ability to technically and financially assess and design solutions and then test drive them, producing dispatch profiles and assessing user specific scenarios. Further, VECKTA allows each party to use the platform concurrently, in a coordinated way, helping to reduce risk and increase value for the industry.”

XENDEE Founder and Vice Chairman of the VECKTA Board, Adib Naslé says, “XENDEE is building the industry leading decision platform for the energy transition. Our customers can accurately generate bankable solutions that deliver practical value, while making their operations more sustainable and resilient. This joint venture with Worley will enable VECKTA customers to thrive and capture the opportunities of the energy transition ahead.”

Worley Group Director, Energy Transition and Chairman of the VECKTA Board, Tony Frencham comments, “The vision for VECKTA came from the recognition that we need rapid, deep changes to the world’s energy systems. VECKTA meets these requirements by providing the world’s most advanced energy system engineering tools, delivering technical and financial optimisation, integrated within a marketplace that connects those who need energy, with those who supply equipment, design, build and provide financing for those systems.”