Peterson and Itaoca Offshore partnership develop new Brazil terminal

Source: press release, 26 November 2019

Erwin Kooij, CEO of Peterson Offshore Group
Erwin Kooij, CEO of Peterson Offshore Group (photo: Peterson)

Itaoca Terminal Marítimo S.A. (Itaoca Offshore) and Peterson Offshore Group (Peterson) have announced a Partnership and Consulting Agreement for the development of the Itaoca project.

The Itaoca Offshore project will be a private terminal (TUP), located in Itapemirim, in the Espírito Santo (ES) state in southeast Brazil, designed to provide logistical support to the supply chain for the exploration and production of offshore oil and gas.

The development includes 10 mooring berths and a service pier of 300 metres, a continental storage area with more than 600,000 m2 and road access to BR 101 South, which is 23 kilometres south. It’s situated in a strategic location for operators who have acquired or expanded their assets in the ES basins and in the northern portion of the Campos basin.

Álvaro de Oliveira Jr., COO of Itaoca Offshore, says, “Peterson is an international port operator with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and a vast portfolio of clients, making them the ideal partner for the preconstruction and construction phase of Itaoca Offshore.”

This collaboration will support the planning, design and commercialisation of the initial development of Itaoca. As co-managers of the port and logistics centre, Peterson will provide operational support for the strategic planning, facilities and management of Itaoca Offshore, while advising on the commercialisation and development of the operational layout.

Erwin Kooij, CEO of Peterson Offshore Group, says, “With Itaoca’s strategic location we have identified an opportunity for greater efficiency for transporting equipment and consumables to offshore platforms in Brazil. We will seek to replicate the model we have developed with great success in the North Sea and internationally. We are focusing on working as a port developer and developing a customer base.”

Construction for the project is expected to start in 2020.