Welcome to 21st European Gas Conference

Source: press release, 19 December 2019

Welcome to the annual European Gas Conference (photo: NPF)
Welcome to the annual European Gas Conference (photo: NPF)

Natural gas demand increased by 4.6% in 2018. This is the highest growth rate since the beginning of the decade. In China the gas demand increased by almost 18%. Coal to gas switching and residential uses played the major role as the country accelerated efforts to reduce air pollution. Gas demand in the coming 5 years is set to be driven by Asia Pacific led by China. The forecast for this region accounts for almost 60% of the total consumption increase to 2024.

In the years ahead of us, the European energy market will be impacted by energy efficiency measures, heat decarbonisation and the changing nature of electricity generation. While European gas consumption is set to remain almost flat in the coming years, domestic production is set to fall at an average rate of 3.5% per year. This structural decline in domestic production, combined with the expiry of several long-term pipeline contracts, opens opportunities.

Knowledge sharing is a valuable component to success. The European Gas Conference intends to provide facts and predictions. We appreciate all speakers who will share their experiences and views.

Visit the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) website for more about facts and predictions, program and registration.

3-4 June 2020
Radisson Hotel Atlantic, Stavanger, Norway

Tonje Raknes, Project Manager