ARO Drilling Joint Venture orders two jack-up rigs

Source: press releases, 21 January 2020

Super 116E jack-up rig
Super 116E jack-up rig (photo: Keppel LeTourneau)

Valaris plc has announced that ARO Drilling, its 50/50 joint venture with Saudi Aramco, has ordered two newbuild Keppel LeTourneau Super 116E jack-up rigs from International Maritime Industries. Upon delivery, each rig is expected to commence an 8-year contract with Saudi Aramco and operate at a day rate determined by a 6-year EBITDA payback.

Following its initial 8-year contract, and subject to certain conditions, each rig will receive an additional 8-year contract, with the daily operating rate repriced every 3 years, and a preference for new contracts working for Saudi Aramco thereafter.

The total cost of each newbuild, with full compliance to the latest Saudi Aramco specifications, is approximately USD 175 million, of which 25% will be paid as an initial down payment by ARO Drilling from cash on hand and the balance will be provided by ARO Drilling on delivery of each rig. The first and second newbuild rigs are expected to be delivered in first quarter 2022 and second quarter 2022, respectively.