Socially responsible investing in solar products for consumers and humanitarian relief

Source: press release, 27 January 2020

GoSun fusion hybrid solar oven
GoSun fusion hybrid solar oven (photo: GoSun)

People all over the world need new energy products to supply their most practical needs. Traditional sources of energy used for electricity and cooking (propane, charcoal, wood and fossil fuels) are expensive, harmful to the environment, and in many places, unavailable. The same goes for keeping things cool; coolers must be continuously filled with more ice to keep things cold. When it comes to portable electronics, all of us know batteries can’t keep up with the constant use people demand. Simply put, traditional energy sources fall short in providing what people need, especially while outdoors or off-grid. With growing concern about climate change, GoSun provides products that are an important part of the solution.

GoSun products support resilience and healthy living and are perfect for venturing off-grid or for everyday use. GoSun offers innovative solutions and products to the energy problems in both the developed and developing worlds, providing humanitarian aid in places where energy sources are damaged or limited in availability.

With sustained growth every year, GoSun has built a large, engaged audience who have supported six successful crowdfunding product launches, putting the company in the top 1% of all innovators on Kickstarter. In 2019, GoSun won a CES Climate Change Innovation Award, and in 2017, won Small Business of the Year.

When disaster strikes, GoSun continues to assist in disaster relief efforts and build relationships in emerging markets. In 2018, GoSun sent 1,500 solar ovens overnight to the American Red Cross to aid those who had no power after typhoon Yutu. GoSun is the first solar manufacturer awarded by the United Nations Clean Cookstoves Alliance and the UNDP. GoSun is currently partnering with the Peruvian government and Green Light Planet, the largest solar provider in Africa.

For the past several years, mega-fires and utilities, facing even the threat of mega-fires, have shut off power to millions of California households – from north to south. No electricity, no way to cook or keep food cold, for days, even weeks. GoSun’s solar ovens for cooking work off-grid, so does their Solar Cooler.

As the world moves away from burning fossil fuels, the Solar Energy Industry is predicted to grow 6,500% through 2050. In emerging markets overseas, one billion people live without access to electricity and three billion people still burn wood and charcoal to cook every day. US projections for solar growth include: USD 36 billion for camping and RV; USD 1.5 Billion for Backyard BBQ, USD 23 Billion for Emergency Relief and USD 35 Billion for Solar Energy.

Using the power of the Sun, their ovens can roast, steam, bake, and boil; their solar coolers keep food and drinks cold; and portable charging banks keep devices running. GoSun has developed a process for launching new innovations that relies on customer feedback, technological opportunity and market trends. Simply put, their products allow people to thrive off-grid, save money, help the climate and live healthier, with fewer carcinogens from not using wood or charcoal to cook.

Losing battery power for your cell phone? GoSun Solar phone chargers and battery packs can alleviate battery anxiety, especially when outdoors or traveling. The PowerBank can charge a smart phone ten times, replace a 10-kilogram bag of ice or become a fuel canister when applied to GoSun’s solar kitchen innovations.