Oil & Finance: Is the climate changing for fossil fuel investments?

Source: press release, 29 January 2020

illustration: NPF
illustration: NPF

The climate is changing. This in turn is colouring the political debate around the oil and gas industry in general and the regulatory framework specifically. Investors are also getting increasingly concerned with the environmental profile of their investments. ESG, an abbreviation rarely used only a few years back, is currently on everybody’s lips.

In the midst of this, oil companies are making investment decisions for projects with a long-term horizon. Some companies are talking about carbon neutrality, but for the vast majority of oil companies the main strategy is still to find, develop and produce hydrocarbons as cheaply and efficiently as possible. Will the behaviour of oil companies change going forward and how is the public opinion affecting the capital flowing into the business? Is the climate indeed changing for investments in the oil and gas industry?

Against this backdrop Oil & Finance will, among other things, present the perspectives of industry heavyweights such as Philip Lambert and Maria Moræus Hansen as well as an update on the North Sea M&A market and the most recent developments in the bank and bond markets.

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18-19 March, 2020
Lysebu, Oslo, Norway

Kristin Øinæs, Project Manager