Eni starts production at 31-MW photovoltaic plant on Porto Torres industrial site, Sassari

Source: press release, 10 February 2020

Photovoltaic plant at Assemini (Cagliari) – the first project led by Eni Rewind in Sardinia
Photovoltaic plant at Assemini (Cagliari) – the first project led by Eni Rewind in Sardinia (photo: Eni)

Eni New Energy, a subsidiary of Eni, has opened its new photovoltaic park in Porto Torres. The plant has a capacity of 31 MW and was developed on areas owned by Eni Rewind, Eni’s environmental company, within the Porto Torres Site of National Interest. The areas were deemed suitable for repurpose and therefore for the installation of the photovoltaic park, with the endorsement of all relevant institutions and permission by the Ministry of the Environment.

The plant is expected to generate 50 GWh of power every year, of which about 70% is for self-consumption by users connected to Versalis’s network.

Currently, this is the biggest plant built as part of Eni’s Progetto Italia, launched by Eni in 2016, and it’s the second developed by Eni in Sardinia, after the first Assemini (Cagliari) project led by Eni Rewind on requalified areas. The project encompasses the whole of Italy and aims to develop and re-use owned industrial areas to build renewable energy power stations. This is in line with Eni’s strategy for the energy transition and with the goals of the Italian National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate.

Three years from the start of Progetto Italia this plant is a major milestone in the growth of renewable energy at Eni and brings its installed photovoltaic capacity to over 80 MW, generated by 13 plants in five regions.

The project also involves several compensation works, including energy and environmental projects in Porto Torres, such as supplying lighting to the village of Cala d’Oliva in the island of Asinara.