Geoenergy company Rototec acquires Enersys

Source: press release, 2 March 2020

Rototec is the Europe’s largest provider of geo energy solutions and innovative pioneer in the field
Rototec is the Europe’s largest provider of geo energy solutions and innovative pioneer in the field (photo: Rototec)

Geoenergy company Rototec Holding AB (Rototec Group) has acquired Enersys, an engineering company based in Finland specialised in design and planning of renewable energy solutions. Enersys Oy continues its operations as a separate entity and the company name stays the same.

Enersys has operated since 1985 with heat pump systems. The company offers different specialist services for planning of geoenergy projects such as technical and economical comparison of energy forms, prestudies including measurement and investment estimations and calculations of energy and life cycle costs as well as CO2 emissions.

The services company provides include planning of geoenergy and hybrid solutions to new builds and retrofits, project management and technical support (remote monitoring and optimising).

“Target of Rototec Group is to grow organically as well as through mergers and acquisitions and this acquisition enables the transfer of even larger properties into geonergy easily. The projects of large companies have grown in the past few years and therefore their needs of design services have grown as well. With this acquisition we can support our customers in their projects even better,” says Mikko Ojanne, VP, Development, Rototec Group.

“We are very happy with this deal which helps our company to grow and expand. We want to offer high-quality and professional design of renewable energy systems also in the future to housing cooperatives and companies of every size. This way we can contribute to a carbon neutral future,” adds Matti Simppala, CEO, Enersys.

The services of Enersys are based on good knowledge from different areas of building services including refrigerating technique. The company is specialised in large and medium-large systems combining heating, cooling and different heating sources. The company operates in whole Finland.