TGS and Fairfield Geotechnologies to acquire new Delaware Basin seismic survey

Source: press release, 10 March 2020

Delaware Basin acquisition
Delaware Basin acquisition (illustration: TGS/Fairfield Geotechnologies)

TGS and Fairfield Geotechnologies have announced they have agreed to acquire a new multi-client survey within the previously announced Area of Mutual Interest (AMI) established between the two companies in June 2018.

The companies have commenced operations on The Channel 3D survey in Lea County, New Mexico. Permitting is underway for an initial outline of 440 square kilometres with acquisition set to begin in Q2 2020.

The San Simon Channel, separating the Central Basin Platform from the Northwestern Shelf, is an area with new resource potential in the Permian Basin. The Channel 3D survey is designed to image deeper targets in the Strawn and Atoka algal mounds as well as the Bone Spring Sands and Wolfcamp intervals. Other productive zones with remaining potential include Devonian, Abo, and Paddock horizons. Operators will have access to comprehensive data coverage from which to enhance their exploration efforts.

This high-resolution 3D survey extends TGS and Fairfield Geotechnologies’ footprint in a key area of the Permian Basin. This project is supported by industry funding.