InEight and Jovix join forces to reduce mega-project delays

Source: press release, 7 April 2020

InEight chief executive officer, Jake Macholtz
InEight chief executive officer, Jake Macholtz (photo: InEight)

InEight, a construction technology solutions provider, is working with Atlas RFID to offer its Jovix® software solution. The alliance will leverage Jovix RFID and mobile technology to track materials on mega-projects within InEight’s comprehensive portfolio of project management solutions.

The combined offering will help operators, engineers and contractors in the energy, construction, chemical and mining sectors accelerate their digital transformation efforts. To streamline operations and advance digital adoption, InEight’s solutions combined with Jovix will support organisations in reducing non-productive time, minimising schedule impacts and cost overruns, and improving on-site productivity.

“The relationship with InEight is a natural one,” says Robert Fuqua, CEO of Atlas RFID. “We both believe in the power and value of the company’s digital solutions for industry users and will work together to digitalise the construction supply chain and create a transparent understanding of material readiness for our users.”

“The ROI of Jovix is significant. Craft productivity can be improved by 25% through better workface planning and materials availability. With Jovix alone, we’ve found that decreasing wait times by 10-12% on a USD 1 billion construction project can result in a USD 12 to 20 million cost reduction. Ultimately, our affiliation will aid company digitalisation and give industry professionals in any sector confidence that materials will be available when and where they are needed to deliver predictable project outcomes,” adds Fuqua.

Jake Macholtz, CEO at InEight, comments, “We’re helping drive digital transformation efforts in a number of the sectors we serve. By working with Jovix, we give our clients a simple way to advance their digital workflows. Our solutions can help reduce costs and schedule impacts for capital projects of all sizes. The powerful combination of Jovix and our solutions will give project stakeholders yet another dimension of assurance for their operations.”