Renewables account for almost 3/4 of 2019 new capacity

Source: press release, 6 April 2020

illustration: IRENA
illustration: IRENA

According to data recently released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), new renewable power accounted for 72% of all power expansion last year.

IRENA’s Renewable Capacity Statistics 2020 shows that renewable energy capacity expanded by 7.6% last year with Asia dominating growth and accounting for 54% of total additions. The renewable energy sector added 176 gigawatts (GW) of generating capacity globally in 2019, marginally lower than the (revised) 179 GW added in 2018.

Renewables accounted for at least 70% of total capacity expansion in almost all regions in 2019, other than in Africa and the Middle East, where they represented 52% and 26% of net additions, respectively.

The additions took the renewable share of all global power capacity to 34.7%, up from 33.3% at the end of 2018. Non-renewable capacity expansion globally followed long-term trends in 2019, with net growth in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and net decommissioning in Europe and North America.

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