Middle East Instrumentation Control & Automation Conference and Showcase 2020

Source: press release, 8 April 2020

illustration: MEICA
illustration: MEICA

The second annual Middle East Instrumentation Control & Automation Conference and Showcase 2020 (MEICA 2020) is scheduled to take place on 22-24 September 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates – an ideal location for the world of business and trade in Middle East.

The upcoming event will gather the technical experts from all over the world to discuss the latest technology related to Instrumentation control, automation and Industrial Cyber Security for various Industries and to network with key industry peers. The forum will enhance communication and help in exchanging knowledge between the major stakeholders.

The selection of right instrumentation plays a vital role in the energy industry. It aids in heightened efficiencies, allows for reduced environmental impacts and is a valuable face to stay competitive. Witness some of the most renowned Industrial giants, manufacturers, Chief Engineers of Oil producers, refinery’s instrumentation and automation technology providers as they gather together in the world’s premier Instrumentation event to discover opportunities and find solutions for the current challenges of the industry.

The premier instrumentation equipment events gathering is driving force behind technological progress to address the needs of end user and towards more efficient and reliable equipment which will improve the overall productivity of plants/organisations.

Visit the MEICA website to register and participate at the largest gathering for instrumentation control and automation.