Gardner Denver introduces new cost-efficient VX hydraulic fracturing pump fluid end

Source: press release, 14 April 2020

The Gardner Denver VX Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fluid End (VX)
The Gardner Denver VX Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fluid End (VX) (photo: Gardner Denver HPS)

Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions (HPS), total solutions provider for the drilling, well servicing and frac pumps market, has launched its new, next-generation, cost-efficient fluid end: the Gardner Denver VX Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fluid End (VX).

The lightweight VX has been designed for use with GD-2500Q hydraulic fracturing pumps and comparable 8 in. stroke quintuplex power ends from other manufacturers, as a replacement for the larger and heavier Gardner Denver SGWS fluid end. The VX represents an economical alternative to the SGWS fluid end while utilising many of the existing SGWS internals such as valves and seats, Redline consumables, patented Falcon Technology, and suction cover retainers.

Tony McLain, vice president of sales for Gardner Denver’s HPS division, says, “The VX fluid end is revolutionary in our industry as it weighs 2,000 lbs less than standard industry fluid ends, while maintaining the performance, longevity, and convenient installation configuration of our traditional SGWS. Our testing has proven that the VX is an inexpensive alternative to the SGWS while fatigue life, thread strength, and washout life meets or exceeds that of the SGWS. The new VX utilises a standard 6-bolt flange configuration and is a direct replacement for the SGWS and most competitor fluid ends.”

Edward Bayhi, vice president and general manager of Gardner Denver’s HPS division adds, “Gardner Denver constructs fluid ends that have provided the lowest total cost of ownership and superior performance for decades. Our customers asked us to deliver a fluid end that meets their equipment and budget expectations in the 2020 frac market and beyond. They needed a fluid end that delivered high quality, lightweight, cost-efficiency at initial purchase and over the life of the pump. The VX fluid end delivers on these expectations and represents the ultimate combination of Gardner Denver performance, quality and efficiency.”