Ampelmann reaches one million safe personnel transfers in the Middle East

Source: press release, 6 May 2020

Ampelmann A-type W2W system in action in the Middle East
Ampelmann A-type W2W system in action in the Middle East (photo: Ampelmann)

Ampelmann has reached an important milestone in the Middle East – one million safe personnel transfers in nearly a decade of operating in the region. The one millionth transfer took place during a project with vessel owner Halul Offshore Services Company W.L.L., a wholly owned subsidiary of Milaha (a Qatari public shareholding company), enabling maintenance, well services and shutdown work.

Milaha’s President and CEO, Abdulraham Essa Al-Mannai, says, “The safety of our workers is absolutely paramount, and we are delighted to be a part of this incredible milestone achieved by Ampelmann. We have worked closely with our friends from the Netherlands for some time, and the relationship has always been a positive one. We look forward to continuing our first-class collaboration with Ampelmann into this new decade.”

The A-type system has been operating on the Halul 43 vessel since the beginning of 2020 and will continue to do so for a minimum of 150 days.

“We are excited to celebrate this milestone in the region after years of delivering the highest standard of safety and efficiency in offshore access,” says Jayne Moran, Area Manager Middle East & Caspian at Ampelmann. “We appreciate the ongoing support of our clients, who continue to embrace our innovations and services.”

The Dutch company has long been the preferred choice for both national and international oil companies (NOCs and IOCs) in the region. It has been enabling Walk to Work (W2W) operations, with its A- and L-type systems and the highest standard of safety and efficiency in the industry.

Ampelmann is well-established in the market, especially due to its strong local presence. It has a fully operational office in Doha, Qatar, which provides 24/7, in-country and regional support to clients. The company currently has nine ongoing projects in the region, most of which are long-term, providing accommodation support for a variety of oil majors. Seven of those projects are for operations off the coast of Qatar.

“We see huge potential for further expansion in Qatar and throughout the region with local partners such as Milaha, as oil and gas operators become increasingly aware of the benefits offshore access can bring to their operations,” says Moran. “Together, we can provide round-the-clock service on the ground and bring value to the country by working with local suppliers and sub-contractors.”

The close collaboration between Ampelmann and Milaha has been crucial for making offshore access in Qatar safer and more efficient.

In promoting the benefits of W2W further throughout the region, the Dutch company has also been reaching out to new markets. It recently completed its first project in Oman – a shutdown campaign with the L-type.

Having laid the foundation of the W2W market more than a decade ago, the Netherlands-based company has come a long way in enabling the safe and efficient access of crews and cargo to and from offshore structures. Ampelmann maintains a fleet of more than 60 systems and has enabled over 350 projects to date.