Hands-on, blended course: International Battery Technician

Source: press release, 11 May 2020

illustration: EIT InnoEnergy
illustration: EIT InnoEnergy

EIT InnoEnergy has announced the International Battery Technician course – a blended and experiential learning opportunity.

Li-on is set to revolutionise the battery sector, becoming the dominant battery technology of tomorrow. High demand is expected from the European transport sector as Light Duty Vehicles, Buses and Trucks electrify. By 2030, a solid 6% of all cars on the road across Europe are expected to be electric, with energy storage solutions and portables following suit.

Demand is also growing exponentially for skilled battery professions to work with these emerging solutions and accelerate the introduction of batteries in electric grid systems.

New skills are thus needed to design, operate, test, maintain and replace battery cells and packs for various applications. This is why EIT InnoEnergy has partnered with SYNTRA, one of Europe’s pioneers in battery training, to bring the International Battery Technician course. This hands-on, blended course provides a solid knowledge of batteries, battery technologies and applications and how to operate battery systems.

It starts with 5 online learning modules, consisting of video lectures, lab demonstrations, practice activities, game activities, discussions and test-your-knowledge activities. The online learning is followed by practical learning sessions in the SYNTRA Home Lab where participants will put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates receive a professional certificate with a LinkedIn integrated URL that verifies the achievement.