ELINOIL: Greece oil industry VS Crisis 2020: who wins?

Source: press release, 13 May 2020

Greece oil industry VS Crisis 2020

The oil and gas industry has experienced in 2020 not only the pandemic but the oil market collapse as well. Some experts predict crisis; some professionals see the crisis as an instrument to grow. BGS Group has invited Supply & Operations Deputy Manager and Supply & Operations Director of ELINOIL to discuss the current situation and the future perspective on Oil market in Greece on the free webinar.

On the 14th of May Simos Efthymiadis (Supply & Operations Deputy Manager/Operations at ELINOIL S.A.) and Nikolaos Liapis (Supply & Operations Director at ELINOIL S.A.) will go on the air at webinar launched by BGS group.

Among the key topics of the discussion are:

•           2020 state of affairs on Oil market in Greece

•           The impact of the coronavirus crisis on Greek Oil industry

•           Future challenges that Greek companies have to surmount

•           Views of ELINOIL on Oil industry perspectives in Greece

Register for the webinar here: https://bit.ly/3fIYuOQ